Black Lives Matter

Where we stand

Mindbody is taking direct action to support the Black Lives Matter movement. We can’t stand for wellness unless we’re doing our part to fight for Black lives.


Amplifying Black voices


Mindbody’s response to the BLM cause is guided by MBUnited, a diverse council of minority and allied team members dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue and awareness, as well as increased opportunity for minorities among our communities.


Thanks to MBUnited, the company is gaining a better understanding of the different races, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds of our team members. The council has also created a diverse leadership group to ensure equal representation for each race and ethnicity.


Supporting impactful organizations

We’re donating directly to organizations that promote Black Lives Matter and affiliated causes and encourage our teams and customers to do the same.

MBUnited is advising the company on which organizations we should support with our $100K donation to help fund the fight against systemic racism.


Diversifying our team

We’re reassessing our recruiting and employment policies to ensure Mindbody reflects the diversity of our global community. Mindbody lives by its core values of empathy and conscious evolution, and improving the way we recruit talented team members is crucial to embodying those values.

  • Reevaluating hiring practices to expand diversity
  • Reviewing our compensation system to guarantee equitable pay
  • Pledging to provide equal opportunity for career advancement
  • Building racial harassment awareness into our standard training
  • Adding zero-tolerance racial discrimination policy to our employee handbook
  • Creating minority mentorship programs that promote career growth and retention


Focusing on education

We’re dedicated to providing our organization with educational opportunities that advance our efforts towards inclusion and equality.

In September 2019, we launched mandatory unconscious bias training for managers. We now require it for all our team members so we can better identify our own implicit biases and their potential impact on hiring, promotions, and inclusion.

We’re also partnering with third-party consultants to train our teams on diversity in the workplace, covering a wide range of relevant topics:

  • The history of the Black community and its relationship with law enforcement
  • The Black Lives Matter movement and how it directly impacts our members
  • Understanding the privilege of majority groups
  • How leaders in the company can get involved and discuss these issues with their teams


Activating our team

It’s important that our team members have the opportunity to individually get involved in the changes they want to see. Mindbody is helping make that possible by providing all members with two paid days off to give back to their communities and recharge their mental well-being.

  • We added another paid day off for Election Day, to be used to vote that day or spend a different day getting to know the ballot and the issues
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is now a paid holiday so employees can spend the day recognizing his transformational impact on civil rights
  • On June 19, Mindbody will host a 1 ½-hour all-hands meeting during which we’ll hear from teammates who want to share their experience with being Black in America.


Spotlighting diverse stories

The stories of racism experienced by our Black teammates and customers are very real to our extended Mindbody family. We’re illuminating those stories across our social channels and everywhere else we can as a way to educate our teams and promote awareness of those struggles.

Many of our customers have a hugely positive impact on the diverse communities they serve. They’re bringing wellness to underserved groups and hosting open forums to discuss the impact of racism. We’re highlighting those stories, too.

Take a look at how these Mindbody-powered businesses are bringing a more inclusive culture to their communities.


Working toward a more diverse, equal, and inclusive future

Helping to combat entrenched and systematic racism takes more than slogans and promises. We pledge to make these changes sustainable and continuous, so that going forward we can be a company that better reflects the diverse global society we serve.

How our customers are making an impact

We’re proud that these Black-owned businesses use our software as they promote wellness in their communities.